The Arts

The Arts

Ridge View Secondary College will offer the full range of Arts Contexts: Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts as we move into our new purpose built, state of the art Arts Facility in 2022/2023. Students will be engaged in expressing, designing and creating. They will explore fun contemporary Arts and have the opportunity to present their ideas in front of audiences. Instrumental Music opportunities are also provided for our students.

Dance: Dance students will develop their dance skills through a variety of contemporary dance styles. They will work collaboratively to build their own fitness and skills. They will choreograph dance moves and will have the opportunity to present their dance performances in front of a variety of audiences. Our specialist Dance Classroom has full mirrors, barre and sprung floor. Performances will be held in our Performing Arts Theatre complete with retractable audience seating.

Drama: Drama students will have fun with drama games and work in groups to create their own performances. They will build their communication, social skills and confidence and have opportunities to experience working in a professional theatre. As the college grows, students will engage in whole school theatre productions in front of familiar and wider audiences in our brand new Performing Arts Theatre.

Media: Media students will have the opportunity to learn about graphic design, photography and film in our new Media classrooms. Students will work both in front of and behind the camera and use computer software to edit their work ready for audience viewing. Students will learn about a range of film genres to express their ideas. We have two purpose built Media classrooms in our new buildings, complete with a television studio

Music: Classroom music provides students to develop their aural and theoretical skills. It is essential for all Instrumental Music students. Students work in groups to create compositions and work in groups to perform together. As the college grows, we anticipate the Music Program will be showcased at a range of events. We have two purpose built music classrooms with a number of practice rooms available for student rehearsals. Performances will be held in our new Performing Arts Theatre.

Instrumental Music: We offer a range of Instrumental Music scholarships through our partnership with the Instrumental Music School Services. The programs include: Vocal, Brass, Woodwind, Percussion, Classical Guitar and Contemporary Guitar.

Visual Arts: Visual Arts students will develop their drawing, painting, ceramic, printmaking and sculpting skills through a range of projects that draw inspiration from contemporary artists and contemporary social issues. Students will design, make and express their ideas using a range of Arts materials with regular opportunities to display and exhibit their work.