Principal’s Welcome

I am privileged to be the foundation principal for Ridge View Secondary College and I’m really excited about what we might achieve in collaboration with parents, our primary schools and the community. The goal is to establish a secondary school which is highly valued and respected for its programs and achievements, while also being recognised for its positive ethos and core values. I welcome all our future parents and students and invite them to join us on our journey.

Ridge View Secondary College is a new and distinctive secondary school where academic aspiration and achievement are fostered and celebrated. Students of all interests and abilities will be guided towards their individual goals and encouraged to explore their potential. Quality education will be delivered, promoted and developed using best teaching practice, while providing students with a rich, diverse and comprehensive learning environment. Every student matters at Ridge View Secondary College!

The 2019 college opening for Year 7 students will expand another year group each year, finally catering for a full cohort of students from Years 7 to 12 in 2024. Being located in a rapidly growing area the predicted enrolments will be approximately 1500 students. Ridge View Secondary College will therefore have the capacity to offer a very broad range of courses, experiences and extracurricular activities.

Our core school values will be explicitly communicated to students and staff, and will form the foundation for student wellbeing, pride and connection. Our aim is for all students to enjoy being at school and feeling they are part of a supportive community, where good citizenship is a responsibility of all.

Students will be encouraged to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities while enhancing and broadening their learning, so they can develop character, leadership skills and school pride.

Responding to the changing world and giving students the best preparation to succeed are thought drivers and essential to student learning. Enriched learning opportunities in mathematics, science and information technologies will be a focus at the school.

Ridge View Secondary College is a first-class state-of-the-art school with the most modern facilities. It provides a physical environment conducive to fostering learning, belonging and wellbeing.

Laurie Longworth
Foundation Principal