What is the procedure for enrolling my child? Expand

A parent or legal guardian applying to enrol a child in a government school completes an Application for Admission (enrolment) form.

Complete one form for each child and attach proof of your place of residence. Three documents are required as evidence and must include a rates notice or rental agreement (where a family is in a rental property), as well as a utilities account (gas, electricity, or water).  Other examples of proof of address include; additional utilities account, telephone and bank statement and drivers license.

Parents/guardians must ensure that their child’s birth certificate, immunisation records, school reports from the previous school, and any Family Court orders or parenting plans registered with the Family Court, are provided at the time of enrolment.

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I am outside of the local intake care? Expand

Submitting an Application for Admission does not mean that the college has accepted the enrolment.  In most instances cross-boundary applications are declined to ensure the college has sufficient capacity to accommodate students residing within the local intake area. The college Principal will notify you if your application is accepted.

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What are the college hours? Expand

Students should not arrive at school before 8:10am except for teacher supervised activities.

Classes commence at 8:30am. Hence, students need to arrive at the college by 8:20am in order to be ready and on time to class.

Session 1
8:30am – 9:34am Session 2
9:34am – 10:38am Recess
10:38am – 11:03am Session 3
11:03am – 12:07pm Session 4
12:07pm – 1:11pm Lunch
1:11pm – 1:36pm Session 5
1:36pm – 2:40pm FINISH

How does my child get to the college on public transport? Expand

The following is a guide to the services are available:

  • Departing Warnbro Station at 7:50am arriving RVSC at approximately 8:14am
  • Departing Warnbro Station at 7:56am arriving RVSC at approximately 8:20am
  • Departing Warnbro Station at 7.55am arriving RVSC at approximately 8:11am
  • Departing Safety Bay Rd / Settlers Av (Stockland Baldivis) at 8.02am arriving RVSC at approximately 8.20am

Route 564 will depart Stand 4 at 2.45pm, 2:48pm and 2:51pm

Route 565 will depart Stand 3 at 2.50pm

Route 566 will depart Stand 1 at 2.50pm

What are the college fees? Expand

Contributions and charges are set according to Department of Education policy, with the maximum voluntary contribution not exceeding $235 for students in Years 7-10.

In addition to the parent’s contribution of $235 toward covering the cost of resources for their child’s curriculum, additional charges are incurred for materials, services and facilities provided in optional components of an education program, such as excursions, camps and consumables.

How do I pay these? Expand

Details will be provided to you prior to your child’s start date. Charges and Contributions should be settled on commencement of the new school year, or as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact the college to arrange a payment plan if required.

Contributions and charges can be paid by using the Compass App on your smart device, directly to the college bank account using student number as your reference or using cash/EFTpos in the college administration during office hours.

Download the Compass App on your smart device and make purchases/payments.


College Account Name:
Ridge View Secondary College BSB:  066 040
Account No: 1990 4197

How do I access a booklist? Expand Where do I purchase a uniform? Expand

The Uniform Shop is run by an outside provider.

Mondays 8.00am – 11.15am

Wednesdays 1.00pm – 3.45pm

Click here to download our current uniform price list.

Café Expand

The college Café is currently closed until further notice.

We do offer students the opportunity to order lunches.  These are produced off site by an outside provider Kingstons Kitchen.

For information on how to go about setting up your account, please click here.

Please click here to see the menu.

Do I need to provide my child with a device? Expand

The college has not opted for a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system at this stage therefore there is no need for your child to have a device. Additionally students do not need to have a mobile phone or other personal electronic device at school. Students will not be permitted to have any of these devices on college grounds and if students are seen with a mobile phone or similar device during the school day they will be confiscated. Students will always be permitted to use a college phone for important matters.

Who do I contact about my child? Expand

While the first point of contact for parents in all schools should be the teacher, in a secondary school your child may have up to ten different teachers during the year. It is important that you get to know your child’s teachers; email and Compass are useful tools to achieve this. In addition to their subject teachers, students may also develop relationships with the Student Wellbeing and Engagement personnel or extracurricular activity coordinators. All of these people will be working to support your child through their secondary school life!

If parents have questions or concerns about a subject or something happening in a class they should initially make contact with the teacher. The Head of Learning Area (HOLA) or a Teacher in Charge of a Learning Area (TIC) may be another contact person in some circumstances.