About Us

Ridge View Secondary College’s motto is:

Believe, Aspire, Pride

The motto is integral to the culture we aim to build and it will be referred to regularly while also being very visible within the college.


We seek to build in our students a belief in themselves and their capacity to succeed and learn. A you can do it attitude will be encouraged leading towards positivity and confidence. A sense of community and belonging promotes learning and wellbeing. It is characterised by a belief in peers and the college as a place that is supportive, encouraging and safe.


Students will be assisted in setting personal goals and in making plans to achieve their goals. We have high expectations for our students and we will progressively challenge them to reach higher. Challenge is sometimes accompanied by failure, which in itself is part of the learning process. Our students will learn the importance of resilience and the skills to help them overcome adversity.


We seek to support students to foster and develop pride in themselves and their individual achievements, but are also generous in their pride in the achievements of others and the college. Celebrating success and achievement is important in fostering pride, while giving students the opportunity to share in success of others and the college. We will encourage our students to be humble and gracious when successful. Students can demonstrate both personal and college pride through the college uniform, their actions and behaviours.

While the motto drives the college ethos, the formation and development of core college values is exceptionally important. These will be cultivated over time after significant input from students. Core values influence our decisions and actions daily and are based on strong beliefs. They will grow our college culture!